Thursday, November 27, 2008


A nearly-belated Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, and a premature blessed Red Friday as well. Your patronage of this blog is greatly appreciated.

True, you haven't given me nearly $75K, as The Corner claims its readers have, but that just proves you're a lot smarter than the folks who read America's Shittiest Website sans self-awareness.And, for Buy Nothing Day, I've got a great list of suggestions for things not to buy. Apparently, the Welfare Queens in the Corner aren't so tapped that they can't blow that seventy-five kay on $400 DVD sets, papal indulgences and full-price hardcovers they'd be able to fish out of remainder bin in January. Oh, and the Wall Street Journal for that lucky homeschooled sixth-grader. The dot-matrix illustration of John Fund is an outstanding visual aid for those Stranger Danger lessons.

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