Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Siegel of Leningrad

Hot on the heels of Liberal Fascism comes Liberal Stalinism, penned by that failed fathead, Lee Siegel. In his slender but pricy tome, Siegel makes the analogy historical:

The vindictiveness and disproportionate influence of the blogosphere is a particularly sore subject. Who is it that "rewrote history, made anonymous accusations, hired and elevated hacks and phonies, ruined reputations at will, and airbrushed suddenly unwanted associates out of documents and photographs"? Mr. Siegel's immediate answer is Stalin. But he alleges that the new power players of the blogosphere have appropriated similar powers.

Yes, and the narcissistic sockpuppet is the Jew of Liberal Stalinism.

(I exaggerate only slightly. The subtitle of Siegel's book is "Being Human in the Age of the Electronic Mob.")

Sprezzy's bill of particulars against the blogosphere includes this incoherent claim:

Better the old press than the new tyranny of bloggers. Their self-interest, he says, makes them more mainstream than any standard news source could possibly be.

But I'm exactly like The New York Times. No one would pay to read this shit on the web, so I give it away for free. What's in it for me?

p.s. It's always good to see the Gray Lady linking to hardcore porn sites.

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