Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Too Little, Too Late

Marty "Wedding Singer" Peretz couldn't be bothered to write a sentencing letter on behalf of his old friend Scooter Libby, but he did get around to blogging about it after the fact. Sez Peretz:

Scooter Libby has been sentenced to 30 months in prison. It was not he who leaked Valerie Plame's name and identity; the offenders were Richard Armitage and Karl Rove. If, indeed, it was much of an offense in the first instance. If you think this is a crime then call for the prosecution of Armitage and Rove.

Libby's case will now go to an appellate court where perhaps the sitting judges will finally examine whether US attorney Patrick Fitzgerald brought malice to the grand jury that he convened to look into the earthshaking matter of who outed Valerie. She and her husband, Joe Wilson, former ambassador to Gabon (pop. 1.7 million) and Sao Tome/Principe (pop. less than one tenth of Gabon), the second being two islands off western Equatorial Africa, are one of those oh, so flashy couples that it's hard to believe that they lived an undercover life. Somehow she got him, a public person, upgraded to do a piece of secret intelligence about Iraq's efforts to purchase yellowcake from Niger. It didn't. [wtf?!? -- R.A.] Still, what involved Libby is so insignificant that what would have been appropriate perhaps would be to keep him after school for a few hours or forbid him from going to gym class. End of story.

Don't worry, Marty. Wherever Libby goes, it will have a very nice gym facility. Scooter's touch football skills will not go to waste either, if there's any truth to The Longest Yard.

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