Friday, June 29, 2007

Nostalgia Just Ain't What It Used to Be

Many years ago, when I was in college, some friends who ran the college humor/literary 'magazine' (it was mimeographed, which tells you how long ago this was) did an issue with an enormous FUCK YOU on the cover. The provost, a preening martinet who was later forced to resign for misappropriating funds, confiscated all the copies. My friends went to a local ACLU lawyer, a veteran of the '60s, whose reaction was: "this is great--I haven't seen a FUCK YOU cover in years!"

On Wednesday, some guy who calls himself Mac Ranger--one of the dumbest wingnuts I've seen in a long time (seriously: he manages to misuse both rein and reign)--applauded Giuliani's flip-flop on Clinton, throwing in this bit of anachronistic idiocy:
Of course Clinton will beg to differ saying that his administration was actively trying to pork Monica, er, kill, Vince - er, Ron Brown…..hang on I’m thinking.

Well anyway during his administration they were killing a lot of things, just not Al Qaeda.
Yes, that's right: he actually linked to the 'Clinton Body Count'. Vince Foster...Monica Lewinsky...good times.

A lot of us are (reasonably) nostalgic for the '90s. So are the wingnuts, in their own way. It's impressive how many of the '9/11 changed everything' brigade think the '90s never ended.

[And with that, I'm signing off to go on my own vacation. Thanks again to Roger for the opportunity to post compliments to my fellow guest-bloggers...and for the rest of you, if you're in the neighborhood be sure to check out If I Ran the Zoo]

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