Sunday, May 31, 2015

Cobb Gobblers

Over at the racist New York Post, failed movie critic Kyle Smith proves that Ty Cobb was "framed" of the charge of racism:
In 1908, among many other brawls Cobb participated in, he ignored an order from a black man laying asphalt in Detroit to stop walking, then after the two argued, Cobb started a vicious fistfight and was overheard to use the N-word against the road paver.
The Georgia Peach was framed - framed, I tell ya!

Let Kyle explain:
Today that behavior would certainly brand you as a racist, but racial slurs were commonplace then, even published in the papers.
Even published in the papers then?  You're far too modest, Kyle.

Not wanting to oversell his ironclad defense of the Peach, Kyle graciously omitted the facts that rap lyrics contain the N-word and that Bob Byrd was in the Klan.


Cervantes said...

Well, according to the NY Times article on this, Cobb was indeed framed:

"Four years of research found that Cobb’s father, a teacher and state senator in northeast Georgia, detested the mores of the Jim Crow South and once stopped a lynch mob. Some of Cobb’s family members turned out to be abolitionists. And Cobb attended Negro league games after his retirement and supported integration in baseball.

“If you stick to the facts, and not the myth or the assumptions about someone born in Georgia in 1886,” Leerhsen said, “it’s very hard to make a case for Cobb being racist.”

He added, “Two or three times he got in fights with black people, but it was never clear what part, if any, race played in those incidents, and of course he got in many more fights with white people.”

Downpuppy said...

Leehrsen was pretty convincing in an NPR interview, and he's hardly the only one who has pointed out that Stump was full of shit.

Roger said...

Even Smith acknowledges Cobb assaulted an African-American man without justification and used racial slurs during the assault. Presumably Smith's book report ... I mean column ... got that from the author's book. If that's the case, then the author is contradicting himself in the Times article by saying “it’s very hard to make a case for Cobb being racist.” It's very easy to make the case that someone who beats a black man while calling that man a nigger is racist -- a violent racist. The fact that someone *also* made up different stories portraying Cobb as a racist doesn't make Cobb not a racist.

Cervantes said...

Well the accusation is that he was atypically virulently racist for his time. That seems not to have been true.

Unknown said...

No Cerv, that is NOT "the accusation". You seem to be content to nudge it towards that, just, as Roger points out, as there are others who somehow read the fact of some of what Cobb's alleged to have been being poorly or even wrongly sourced as some sort of proof of the negative.

Here's what I take from all I've read about Cobb: that he was one nasty piece of work, ready, willing and able to reach out for any weapon or weakness available to go after anyone he chose, and as casual as misognynist as it was possible to be in any era when almost NO act of misogyny carried legal consequences. The facts are that it wasn't NECESSARY to stand out as a racial bigot in those days, racial bigotry being so widespread and endemic. Cobb's NOT standing out in THAT crowd is hardly proof of his being color-blind.

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