Friday, November 08, 2013

Trotter Ends His Run

Being remembered for this must be something of a mixed legacy:
Dishes from the final week of menus included poached white asparagus with charred broccolini, manchego cheese and red pepper essence and root beer leaf ice cream with vanilla cremeaux and birch syrup-infused meringue.
Better than being remembered for this, I guess:
In August, almost a year to the day after the restaurant closed, [Charles] Trotter kicked out high school students who had been invited to showcase their artwork from an after-school program in the former restaurant. One student said Trotter "went ballistic" when their instructor declined the chef’s request that they sweep floors and clean toilets.

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Original Banksta said...

I wouldn't want to clean his toilets either, given that those weird concoctions may have given more than a few of the patrons "the Trotts."