Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dog Fellates Man

Breaking: Mike Allen is a slap-headed whore.

Which is why he fits right in on "Morning Joe."

I made the mistake of turning on that clusterfuck this morning.  In between the plenteous plugs for Banjo Boy's latest book, a human centipede comprised of Mike Brzezinski, Harold Ford Jnr., Donny Deutsch Jnr., Mark Halperin Jnr. and Nicole Wallace pretended that Brzezinski's high-school-aged daughter had raised a $100K for some charity, zero dollars of which derived by means other than Mika's shakedown of dolts looking for facetime on Morning Joe.  (Ford Jnr. and Deutsch Jnr. acknowledged their shakedowns on the program.)  Brzezinski's attempt to create the next Luke Russert/Peter Doocy was even more revolting that Brzezinski's standard insipidity.


Anonymous said...

Your link is missing a w at the beginning

Roger said...

Fixt. Thx.