Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Humble Request

Dear Readers,

I have had ongoing medical problems for some time, and have reached a point medically where doctors are recommending a treatment I hope to avoid.  I have no reason to believe my doctors are wrong in their opinions, but am looking for an alternative solution.  This requires that I locate a specialist who would be willing to pursue that solution (if such a thing exists).  I have tried, and am currently trying, to find such a person myself, including through my current doctors and HMO, via internet/library research and speaking with family and friends, so far without luck. (For my sins, I have read my Evidence of Coverage cover-to-cover.)  I will keep trying. If anyone has any suggestions about how to navigate such waters, I would be most grateful if you could contact me via e-mail (at rogerailes - at - with any advice.  Please be assured I will in no way seek to impose on you further than recieving your suggestions with unqualified gratitude.

So as not to confuse, this is not a request for medical advice but for an answer to the question "how does one find someone who may not exist to discuss a medical solution which may not exist?"

To everyone, I apologize for the vague, secretive and annoying nature of this post.  I'm not dying (any more than everyone else is), or anything close to it, nor do my complaints deserve special consideration. Believe me, if I knew what else to do, this post would be a gag about Mickey Kaus or some other asshole. 

Thank you.



LT said...

A location might help, yes?

Roger said...

LT said...

Thank you, sir. I sent you an email. You may know that. I will not bother you for a response.

Best of everything,


Tracy said...

That's a relief. I feared that you had a boil on your semprini.

Roger said...

Who says I don't?

Sun Hope Deep Sea said...

Good article..

Roger said...

Thank G-d Bill Keller didn't read this!