Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Smack Her Bitch Up

The very Presidential Sharia Plain isn't satisified with the quality of service she receives from her media lapdogs:

Anyway, the Palin team pounced. Specifically inviting over reporter Kasie Hunt from Politico so she could hear the exchange, Palin called [Daily Caller stooge Alex] Pappas' cell phone and began berating him in a very scolding manner for writing a headline suggesting she supports Romney. Pappas didn't even know what she was talking about. When he tried to say that neither he nor his editors had written such a headline, she said she didn't have time for this, that she needed to go back to the "real people" at the State Fair, and hung up on him.

How did the Politicho stenographer cover this infantile outburst? Like this:

And when the Daily Caller wrote a story suggesting that she'd said she favored Romney, the Palin entourage was visibly angry. Todd Palin pulled the story up on his BlackBerry, and handed it to his wife — "those dang reporters!" she exclaimed. A few moments later, a Palin aide put the Caller reporter, Alex Pappas, on the phone with the former governor.

"So what you're saying is that I said that I support Mitt Romney?” she asked Pappas. "You need to be clear, otherwise people really lose faith in the state of journalists today."

At Politicho, nothing succeeds like suckcess.

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