Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Know I Am, But What Am I?

Timmy Carney of the Washington Rectal is so eager to portray the Obama Administration as racist that he inadvertently admits the obvious: That Confederacy apologists and birthers are racist:
And this theme of baseless insinuations of racism is emanating from Team Obama and the White House. Obama's press secretary Jay Carney referred to unnamed opponents "who wanted to secede from the union." The words "secede from the union" clearly invoke the Southern states' effort to preserve slavery in 1861.

Politifact has rated Carney's statement as "False," pointing out that Perry once jokingly referred to a supposed right of Texas to secede. He's repeatedly denied actually believing this. That didn't stop Carney. Facts rarely interfere with the Left's effort to tar conservatives as racist.

Robert Gibbs, Carney's predecessor and now an Obama campaign adviser, on TV last Tuesday joked that "Any day now, Rick Perry will ask to see the president's birth certificate

I could find no record of Perry ever insinuating that Obama wasn't born in the United States. Gibbs was trying to lump Perry in with a racially tinged line of attack on Obama that suggested he was really born in Kenya. By calling Perry a borderline birther, Gibbs was essentially calling Perry a racist."
Poor dumb fuck doesn't realize that he's supposed to say that Confederacy-humping is about heritage and the heroism of ancestors, and that questions remain! about the birth certificate. He's not supposed to admit that secessionists (which Perry is, despite Politifucked's protestations)and Teabirthers are in fact racist.

Timmy's going get a brutal beating at the next CPAC for disclosing the wingnuts' true nature.

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