Saturday, August 13, 2011

How Many Corn Dogs Can Michele Bachmann Chomp?

You've probably seen the unfortunate photo of Michele Bachmann with a corn dog in her mouth (Warning: NSFYGR), but there's also this:

Driving away on a golf cart with her husband Marcus beside her, Mrs Bachmann stopped to buy a foot-long corn dog -- a chicken and beef sausage in deep-fried batter. After applying mustard and allowing Mr Bachmann to take the first bite, she chomped into it with gusto.
In the photo, Bachmann's corndog isn't pre-bitten by Marcus and it doesn't have mustard on it. So she must have downed at least two feet of corndog (give or take Marcus' chomp) in very little time. And Tim Pawlenty says Bachmann hasn't accomplished anything.

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