Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blah Law Blog

Can you stand to watch Instacracker's bowl haircut and Mickey Kaus in the same video? If not, don't click here.

I watched a bit of this meeting of the mindless. In it, Kaus claims he's meeting with the poobahs who run Slate to see if he can get his old job back. (wink, wink) Of course, Slate directed readers to the Kausfiles site throughout the entire Kaus "campaign," so they're fooling nobody. Kaus also claims he's trying to negotiate a better deal, although he has admitted elsewhere that his traffic is down to a third of what it was before he "left" Slate. So if WaPoCo agrees to pay him anything more than 30K a year upon his "return," his status as a wingnut welfare queen is confirmed.

Kaus also muses about becoming a law professor, and he appears to be serious -- and unusually ambitious, since he couldn't even muster a single blog post most of the days of his campaign. But he did attend law school nearly 40 years ago and clerked for a California appellate judge. Perhaps Harvard can create an Anti-Labor Law class for him, or an advisory position at an Immigrants Have No Rights Clinic.

To be fair, Kaus probably figured the job requires no legal skills or intelligence, given the continued employment of Glenn Reynolds, Ann Althouse, Hugh Hewitt, S. Bainbridge and that schmuck from Legal In-Erection. But it's hard to imagine a law school where Kaus' talents would be truly appreciated, apart from Regent University.

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