Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Black Souls of White Folk

Roy Edroso has the recap on wingnut reaction to Senator Obama's speech. (Bonus material here.)

And if that isn't fucked up enough for you, check out the Man from Depends. And contrast.

More here. And here.

Update: I don't wish to suggest that Simon's invocation of his childhood's friend's murder was made in anything less than good faith, despite the fact that crime has nothing to do with Senator Obama or the Reverend Wright. Still, I can't help but compare Rog's reaction to Obama's speech re: Wright to a post composed by Rog the same month as one of Goodman's killers, a Klansman, received a small measure of justice. Back in June 2005, three days before Edgar Ray Killen was convicted of manslaughter (and not of murder), Rog wrote the following:

Andy Goodman was my best friend in kindergarten and first grade at the Walden School in New York. In the second grade, my family moved across town and I went to another school, but we remained close friends for several years before losing touch when my family moved once again, this time to the suburbs, when I went to high school. Of course, I knew what happened to Andy in June of 1964 and it was in my head almost every day when I went south two summers later to participate in the civil rights movement. But it has been many years and when I saw his young face on the front page of CNN tonight, I gasped.

Not a word about the man then accused, and later convicted, of killing Mr. Goodman, Michael Schwerner and James Cheney. His only reaction on was about his reaction to seeing Goodman's face on the CNN website.

We all have our own priorities.

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