Sunday, November 11, 2007

Grand Old Police Blotter: One Down, Countless to Go Edition

Representative Bob Allen is the latest Republican to flush his career down the toilet while looking for love. The Florida Republican plans to appeal on the ground that the jury was comprised of scary-looking black men.

And in the on dick circle, Glenn Murphy Jnr.:

The former chairman of the Clark County Republican Party was charged yesterday with criminal deviate conduct, a Class B felony that could land him in prison for six to 20 years if he is convicted.

Glenn Murphy Jr., 33, is accused of performing oral sex on a sleeping man following a July 28 party at a home in Jeffersonville.

Murphy turned himself in for an initial hearing in Clark Superior Court yesterday and was later freed on $25,000 bond. Judge Vicki Carmichael set a trial date of April 1.

Murphy, who was also chairman of the Young Republican National Federation, resigned from both posts when the allegations were made public in August.

Jury foreperson: "We find the defendant, Glenn Murphy, not guilty."

"April Fools!"

Mr. Murphy will not make the most convincing or articulate witness on his own behalf:

The affidavit states that on the tape, Murphy tells the man he thought the man had been "coming on" to him and that the following exchange took place between the two:

"I thought that you were awake. It's my fault," said Murphy. "I'm not laying this off on you. I'm trying to explain what happened."

"I don't know, dude," the man replied. "Yeah, I don't know how you can possibly think that it was OK to do that, honestly."

Murphy said, "Dude, I wasn't in my right mind. I wasn't thinking."

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