Monday, November 05, 2007

The Dumbpowder Plot

If it takes a egomanical Texan with a bunch of drooling nutjob followers to get a Democrat back in the White House, so be it.

Historians and British schoolchildren remember Guy Fawkes as the Roman Catholic, anti-Protestant rebel who on Nov. 5, 1605, tried to assassinate King James I by blowing up the Parliament. Supporters of the Republican primary campaign of the libertarian Representative Ron Paul may remember Fawkes as a wildly successful fund-raising gimmick.

On Monday, a group of Paul supporters helped raised more than $4.07 million in one day — approaching what the campaign raised in the entire last quarter — through a Web site called, a reference to the day the British commemorate the thwarted bombing.

It's also nice to see so many prizewinning chumps fleeced of their hardly-earned dollars. The Republican Party will never let an anti-war candidate get anywhere the nomination. Big War calls the shots, boys, and you just ask "how high." If you want any return on your investment, third party is the only way to go. Do it for the country.

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