Thursday, April 26, 2007

Post-Sound-Bite-Generating-Joint-Appearance-Still-Life-With-Podiums Analysis

I didn't see most of it.

Brian Williams has a great future as Joe Biden's straight man. As a journalist, not so much.

The MSNBC "analysis" lasted longer than the joint appearance, and is probably still going on.

Chris Matthews should save the work word dick for the Republican joint appearance or, better yet, a discussion of George W. Bush.

Update: Of course, my instant analysis isn't as profound as, say, that found at the venerable The New Republic. (Peretz hasn't commented yet, perhaps beacuse he swallowed the pencil Frank Foer was holding under his tongue during Senator Clinton's airtime.) Maybe I'll liveblog the forthcoming Republican debate, where the combo of pandering to the fundies and Tweety as emcee will provide a target-rich environment.

Update II (4/27/07): That's "the word dick," not "the work dick." Charles Pierce explains the reference here.


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