Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Credit Where Credit Isn't Due

This TPM headline is misleading:
Sean Hannity Wants Boehner Out As Speaker After Scalise Revelations
Hannity wanted Boehner out "before Scalise revelations," because he thinks Boehner isn't ideologically pure. This isn't ancient history, people. 

Cliven Bundy's pal Hannity would speak at David Duke's Klavern Khristmas Kavalcade if the price was right.  He certainly wouldn't criticize an ally for doing it.

Likewise, the fools saying "even Erick Erickson" is skeptical of Scalise's ignorance defense fail to realize that Tubby Blubberson cares only about purging the G.O.P. of imagined squishes like Boehner and replacing them with Full Mental Jackasses who hate women, gays and evolution with all their hearts.


Michael Elliot said...

I only hate you...does that mean I am a bigot???

timb said...

In your case, Mike, it just means you're not bright

lea-p said...

Happy new year, Roger. I wish you health, wit, and peace. And keep writing!

Roger said...

Make it your New Year's resolution to try harder, Mike. I know you can do it.

Roger said...

I'll settle for 1 and 1/2 of those, lea-p. Thank you, and keep reading!