Monday, April 28, 2014

Rod, God and a Wad

Rod Van Dreherwinkle has slept through the last 20-plus years of the Religious Right.  No points for guessing the subject of Rod's bother:
It’s just witless, red-meat blathering, delivered in that nasal whine of hers that makes it sound like she’s chewing wads of tinfoil.
Yes, yes it is. 

But one bit of blather has Dreher in a dither:
OK, stop. Not only is this woman, putatively a Christian, praising torture, but she is comparing it to a holy sacrament of the Christian faith. It’s disgusting — but even more disgusting, those NRA members, many of whom are no doubt Christians, cheered wildly for her.
Someone should tell Rod about a little site called National Review Online.  That site is lousy with he-men Christians who praise torture and certain of its practitioners.  And I'm not talking about the crazed commenters. 


Montag said...

Now that Palin is relegated to the fringy backwater, Dreher feels confident he can attack her without much fear of retribution from the faithful.

I doubt he would have been quite so pointed about either her brand of Christianity or her nasal whine in 2008.

Brian said...

Palin's a piece of work and so is NRO usually, but this particular critique seems a bit of a misfire:

"Sarah Palin’s Barbarism"

Anonymous said...

Live by the sword....die by the sword...