Friday, April 11, 2014

Not to Mention the Two Full Columns of Situation Wanted: Trollop Solicitations in the Territorial Enterprise

James Dobson is feeling neglected as he ponders the site of the 2016 Republican Convention:
“The GOP is supposedly interested in reaching out to conservatives and evangelicals. Maybe that’s just a front, but if they really mean it this is not the way to do it,” Dobson said Tuesday. “Even though Vegas has tried to shore itself up and call itself family-friendly, it’s still a metaphor for decadence. There’s still 64 pages of escort services in the yellow pages. … You can’t have it both ways.”
I'm fairly certain you can have it all kinds of ways, Dobby. Just keep dialing.


Montag said...

Hmm, I wonder how long it took for ol' JimBob Dobson to count all those pages in the phone book?

I'm guessing hours.

Roger said...

The fact that they were stuck together complicated matters.

Jay Schiavone said...

"Call me Dobber."