Monday, July 18, 2011

FOX News: Latter Day Aint's Burn in Hell

Finally, a Fox News host who loves Jesus more than those unbelieving CLINOs who control the G.O.P.:

A Fox News host said Sunday that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is "obviously not ... a Christian," a view that, if widely held, may have repercussions for the Mormon candidate’s election odds.

During a conversation about the Republican presidential field if Texas Gov. Rick Perry were to get into the race, "Fox & Friends" host Ainsley Earhardt speculated that Perry would have a much better chance of raising funds and rallying the social conservative base since Perry is Christian and rather open about his faith. During an exchange with co-host Dave Briggs, Earhardt said:

“Well the Christian coalition … I think [Rick Perry] can get a lot of money from that base because [of] Romney obviously not being a Christian … Rick Perry, he's always on talk shows, on Christian talk shows, he has days of prayer in Texas," she said.

As Jesus Christ said, "You cannot serve God and Mormon." Once the Republicans purge themselves of cultists like Mittens and anti-Christ Papists such as Gingrich and Santorum (and the soft-on-papacy Bachmann) true men of God like Rick Perry will lead God's Own Party to victory in 2012.

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