Wednesday, February 09, 2011

You've Got Fail

How much do teabaggers love free speech and free enterprise? This much:

Florida Republican Rep. Allen West said Tuesday that AOL's purchase of the Huffington Post is a threat to tea party groups' online presence.

West suggested that the business deal gives the left-leaning site more control over federal regulations of the Internet.

"You look out there, you see that AOL has purchased the Huffington Post. Now all of a sudden a very far left liberal blogger such as Arianna Huffington has a huge influence in the Internet world," he said.

"We cannot allow ourselves to be suppressed. We cannot allow them to take over the Internet," he said, as audience members nodded vigorously and started clapping.

That's ten kinds of dumbfuck.

(And speaking of dumbfuck, the author of the PoliticHo article (Simmi Aujla) doesn't identify where West is speaking, or who he's speaking to. PoliticHo blows, and not just Matt Drudge.)

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