Friday, February 04, 2011

Failing Down

It didn't take Tina Brown long to flush Mickey Kaus at Newsweek, but the hairless hack has bobbed up again at The Daily Choler:

Kaus was also the co-founder of the long-running "Conventional Wisdom Watch" at Newsweek. He will join Daily Caller veteran Jim Treacher, author of the sites [sic] Daily Trawler.

Turns out Tucker Carlson had more change in his couch cushions than Joe Farah and Lucianne Goldberg. Still, I give it two weeks before Tucker shoves Kaus into the path of an SUV to generate traffic.

It was just four months ago that Kaus was pretending to be thrilled about Newsweek's pity hire:

"I'm very happy to be at Newsweek, a great magazine filled with talented people and friends with whom I've worked twice before," Kaus said in a statement. "I look forward to mixing it up in the coming debates during a difficult time for the country."

I can't imagine why Newsweek didn't consider Kaus's incessant but sporadic whining about immigrants and unions to be internet gold. I can imagine why failed legacy Tucker Faye Carlson does.

P.S. Tucker Faye calls Kaus "one of the funniest people blogging in English." And Tucker Faye knows funny.

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