Saturday, January 08, 2011

Shut The Lid After Flushing?

A Plea for the Internet's Neediest Cases

Did Roy Edroso break stories such as the recent Helen Thomas video?

I doan' thin' so!

Did Roy Edroso break the story of the J-Street tax return that proved that George Soros was funding the Anti-Israel group?

No way, Jose!

Did Roy Edroso break the story of the code-pink attempted attack on CPAC?

Nein, nein, nein!

And did he break the story of the extent of the underfunding of union pension plans?

Aw, hells no!

And I'm pretty sure that Roy didn't scoop the blogosphere this past week with the stories "Some Guys Are NEVER Satisfied - Fashion Model Massager Hates His Job" and "New Congressional Report Shows Obamacare Will Kill One Million Plus Jobs, Raise Defict." Or with the groundbreaking 2008 expose "Senator Obama Signed A CONTRACT WITH THE CHICAGO SOCIALIST PARTY."

So how could anyone think that Roy Edroso is deserving of consideration while "Yid With Lid" struggles to raise $54,000.00 by the end of March, even after his (the Lid's) tireless efforts to expand "the reading base for the site by writing for all four Breitbart sites, Right Wing News, Red State, and Liberty Pundits, while continuing my association with Pajamas Media and American Thinker." (The Lid appears to be suggesting that those sites don't pay for his content.)

Edroso may know a thing or two about capitalization and grammar; he may be too modest to claim that he broke stories originated by others; he may be dynamite in the sack. But he's no Yid with Lid.

So give to the Lid 'til it's slightly uncomfortable. If you don't, the April Fools' Joke may be on you.

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