Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kurtz Impaired

Howard Kurtz corrects the record:

In late November, I asked Rep. Darrell Issa's spokesman, Kurt Bardella, for an interview with the congressman. He said he would see what he could do.

That afternoon my phone rang, I heard the words "please step away from the car" and I thanked the congressman for calling. I asked why "you" made various statements about the president and congressional oversight, and he responded, "please step away from the car." I called him "Congressman" several times during our discussion. I later emailed Bardella, on Nov. 24, and said: “Hey, thanks for getting me the congressman so quickly. He mentioned the minority having sent 46 letters to the chairman or subcommittee chairmen and getting only six responses. Would you have some or all of the ones that drew no response? Thanks."


On Nov. 29, after my story ran on The Daily Beast, I got a note from Bardella saying there had been "a little confusion" and "it wasn't the congressman you spoke with, it was a car alarm."

After thinking about it for six weeks, I have concluded that I am stupider than a bag of rocks. But smarter than Tina Brown, who continues to pay my incompetent ass.

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