Sunday, March 28, 2010

Instacracker's Army

Now is not the right time to arrest religious terrorists, according to Glenn Reynolds. The latest reports on Glenn Reynolds' terriorist pals are coming in:

The FBI arrested a person early Sunday morning in Clarendon Hills in relation to a raid the previous evening at a northwest Indiana home, a spokesman for the agency said.

The arrest coincided with a series of FBI raids and arrests over the weekend across Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. The law enforcement action may be tied to an investigation of a Christian militia group in Michigan that sees itself as "actively gearing up and training to fight along the side of Jesus Christ against the forces of Satan," according to a spokesman for another milita group in the state who said he is familiar with the raids.

More here:

The FBI raided a home in the 1900 block of Calumet Avenue in Whiting, Ind. Saturday evening looking for the same person, but it was not until early Sunday that the arrest was made, according to the FBI.


An FBI agent said the home's resident -- a caucasian man who lived there with his brother -- was suspected of making bombs, according to the employee. He said he saw FBI agents took several boxes out of the home, and take away at least two dogs.

The dogs "had been trained to do bodily harm," said the employee.

Reynolds is now on record as siding with bomb-making religious fanatics. It's good to know which side he's on.

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