Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A Man, A Plan, An Anal Canal: Peretz

When is a plan not a plan? When Marty Peretz starts guzzling the Bush Administration Kool-Aid.

Peretz on the Connecticut Senate debate:

But it [the New York Times] did cite Lamont as saying that Lieberman was a "career politician" -- which in my view means a successful and achieving politician -- "who has no plan for withdrawing American troops from Iraq."

Now, which of the Democratic potentates who Lamont has been toting around the state has such a plan? Hilary [sic] Clinton? Bill Clinton? Does Lamont think that saying he favors a time-certain for American withdrawal is actually such a plan? It is not. And what, by the way, would come after? Perhaps we should ask John Kerry.

So the plan to remove of U.S. troops from Iraq by a date certain is not a plan for withdrawing American troops from Iraq. Is there a force field around Iraq which prevents soldiers from departing? Or is Peretz, a career asshole, just a functional illiterate?

And what does Marty consider a plan? Standing down when the Iraqis stand up? Letting the troops die in Iraq, and not replacing them? Withdrawing the troops is the only plan that could be implemented successfully by the Chucklehead in Chief.

As for what comes after, Marty and his neoclown pals should have asked themselves that before they howled for the deaths of hundreds of thousands in an unjustified war of agression.

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