Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Charlie Rose: Always Low-Priced

Despite the widely-held belief that I hate everything and everyone, I'm really a nice person. Having said that, Charlie Rose has always rubbed me the wrong way. Like the rest of public broadcasting, Rose is sucking up to one of his country's worst employers, Wal-Mart:

Now, less than three months later, Mr. Rose is honoring [Wal-Mart CEO H. Lee] Scott for his work on behalf of the environment at a private dinner party tonight in Manhattan, paid for by Bob and Harvey Weinstein's production company, the Weinstein Company. Mr. Rose's name appeared as a host, alongside that of Bob Wright, chief executive of NBC Universal; James L. Dolan, chief executive of Cablevision Systems; and a dozen other prominent figures from the New York media and financial industries.

Being honored by Bob Wright for your impact on the environment is like being honored by Pol Pot at the Zero Population Growth Banquet.

Rose's defense of his conduct is one worthy of his fellow ethicist, Pete Rose:

Mr. Rose agreed to be a dinner host, he said, because "Harvey Weinstein, who is a friend of mine, called and asked me to do this as a favor. I said I would do it for him as long as I do not have to do anything."

Here's hoping Harvey will ask Rose to stop doing his show.

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