Thursday, October 09, 2014

Phony and Phonier

It's unanimous.  On this morning's Drunken Joe, Mark Halperin and Drunken Joe confirmed what Ron Phonier has already told us -- All the Democrats who Ron, Mark and the Drunk speak to privately hate President Obama.  (Or, as Mark calls them, all of "the elite Democrats").

Ron Phonier started it off with yet another column about his free-lunch pals:
A senator. A House member. A former presidential campaign manager. An adviser to President Obama. All Democrats, these officials [sic] have made it a habit to call or email me almost every week of Obama's second term to share their concerns about the course of his presidency.
They ask only that I don't identify them. Some fear retribution; others don't want to compromise their financial or political standing inside their party. These Democrats speak admirably about the president's intellect, integrity, and intentions, but they question his leadership—an admittedly squishy term that can be unfairly deployed against people with the guts to lead. But their critiques are specific, consistent and credible—and they comport with what many other Democrats are telling other journalists, almost always, privately.
If there's anyone whose views on leadership I'd want to know more about, it's those stalwart fellows who whine weekly to a wingnut but won't allow themselves to be named because it might cost them something.  

Phonier now claims that Leon Panetta is the face of the cowering sexters who dictate Phonier's column.  But Panetta has spoken publicly, on the record, without hiding behind the extra-wide Dockers of Republicans posing as journalists. Of course, there's always the probability that Phonier is hiding behind the facade of imagined Dems, since he knows his own opinions are completely worthless to sane people. Perhaps another look into Phonier's e-mail box is in order, for real journalism's sake.

The National Journal, Bloomberg News and MSNBC are now the moral and intellectual equivalent of the slam book.  Keep up the good slap fight, boys!


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