Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Christmas Contest

Mike Allen, PoliticHo:
WE’RE GRATEFUL TO PLAYBOOKERS for being such a loyal, encouraging audience. Seven years ago, there were three of you. Now, there are 100,000 of you. Thank you for the grace for our errors, of omission or commission; for teaching us something fascinating, every single day; and for your passion for the very topics that we’ve devoted our life to illuminating. We’re always anxious to serve you better, and are grateful for your suggestions about content, tone, format – anything. We answer every personal email:
The first Roger Ailes reader to get a personal return e-mail from will win a valuable prize, worth at least $10 USD. All other readers will receive nothing more than the joy of knowing that Mike Allen has wasted his life.  The winning entrant must provide a physical address to which the prize can be sent, or may designate a charity for receipt of the prize.  E-mail replies from Mike Allen predating this announcement and automated replies are ineligible.  Mike Allen and his immediate family, registered and unregistered lobbyists, and employees of Politico, the Chamber of Commerce, Morning Joe and the Hair Club for Men are ineligible. The winning Allen response will be published on this website, along with the recipient's e-mail if needed for context. Your e-mail address and any personal information will not be disclosed, but this website cannot indemnify you in the event of retaliation by Mike Allen.

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