Thursday, April 11, 2013

Shattered Ass

Ta-Nehisi Coates has an excellent post-mortem on the excremental Michael Kelly, 
who wasn't so much a cheerleader for the invasion of Iraq but a pitbull, rabidly slavering his militaristic fantasies on anyone with spitting distance.

His apologists will claim he was only wrong in hindsight, but that's not true.  As the excepts quoted by Coates illustrate, Kelly wasn't reporting facts, he was seeking to make things true by wishing them to be true (and doing so in a truly obnoxious manner).  

Kelly was wretched.  He was vile.  He was contemptible.

And he was one of a rare breed to whom the phrase "hoist with his own petard" applies literally. 


Montag said...

That Kelly became a victim of his own bombast, while unfortunate, is still evidence that hubris is real, and not some literary or philosophical convention.

But, it's not as tragic as the lives lost as a consequence of his beating of the drums, and of others of his ilk.

Conservatives are inordinately fond of saying that actions have consequences, but they only understand that to mean that events do not play out in the directions of their desires. Even when their failures are on full display to the entire world, they are simply devoid of any retrospection or self-evaluation. I suspect that had Kelly survived his injuries and were now safely back at The Atlantic, he would be making, just as maniacally as ever, a virtue of stupidity.

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Kelly was wretched. He was vile. He was contemptible.

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