Monday, February 18, 2013

Rubbin Your Nose In It

Over at the Neocon Post, Jennifer "J-Rubb" Rubbin is blasting Sen. John McCain and Lindsay Graham for ignoring AIPAC's sovreignity over their manhoods.  In the course of that tedious argument, Rubbin posits that the Hagel nomination is the equivalent of the Harriet Miers nomination, and that the abortion of the Harriet Miers nomination is proof of the G.O.P.'s moral superiority.  You seen, the Miers nomination proved that the G.O.P. faithful wouldn't just go along with whatever Bush dictated -- the rank and file demanded competence.

In reality, Miers was torpedoed not because she was an idiot, but because she was unreliable idiot.  The religious right wasn't confident she'd destroy precedent and reinstate theocracy.    They wanted a sure thing ideologically, and would have accepted any ideologically sure thing, regardless of low i.q. or perverted moral character.  (Exhibit A: Clarence Thomas.)  "Souter in a skirt" was not a reference to intellectual ability. Of course, almost all of the right-wing pundits, bloggers and parasites criticizing Miers were even stupider that she is, so the game was up as soon as it started.

Once again, Rubbin is lying.  Not just about Hagel, although she's lying about him too. Rubin is either angling for a judicial nomination by the next Republican president, or for Marshall Wittmann's job.


Montag said...

One has to wonder... if there were no Israel, would Rubin vanish in a gaseous cloud?

If so, it's a strong argument for dissolution of statehood.

DocAmazing said...

Is that the same Marshall Wittman who was the Bull Moose Loony?

Anonymous said...

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