Saturday, April 07, 2012

Grand Old Police Blotter: White Power Edition

Via Jalopnik, here's the story of an entitled Teabagger who thinks the laws don't apply to him:

Stanislaus County prosecutors Friday charged Riverbank City Councilman Jesse James White with drunken driving and causing an injury to his 4-year-old son, as well as hit-and-run driving and resisting a police officer in connection with a Feb. 20 traffic accident.

Prosecutors allege White's blood-alcohol level was 0.24 percent, three times the limit at which a driver is considered to be under the influence.

White, 23, wrecked his Corvette about 1 a.m. Feb. 20 in Oakdale. Police claim he crashed into a parked car on F Street and then tried to flee before being tackled and held by bystanders until officers arrived.

His 4-year-old son was in the Corvette and suffered a bloody nose. White, who is not in custody after posting bail, entered an alcohol abuse treatment center this week, according to his attorney. He is scheduled to be arraigned March 21.

"He is going to be in court for his arraignment and plead not guilty to all the charges," said Modesto attorney Mary Lynn Belsher, who represents White. Belsher said prosecutors have overcharged her client.


He was arrested in May 2010 on drug possession charges after sheriff's deputies said they found small amounts of marijuana and cocaine during a probation search of White's apartment and car. He resolved that case by pleading guilty to a misdemeanor last year. He also was required to complete a 20-hour drug-and-alcohol education class, which he did in the fall.

White has survived two attempts to recall him from office.

In his most recent case, he is charged with the felonies of driving under the influence, causing an injury and making an unsafe turn; hit-and-run driving with an injury; and permitting a child to suffer under circumstances likely to cause great bodily injury or death.

He also is charged with the misdemeanors of hit-and-run driving and resisting a police officer by means of threats and violence. Bystanders and police have said White told them he was Jesse James White and they would regret their actions.

According to his website, J.J. is all about "sticking to my guns for less taxes, less government, personal responsibility, and your Second Amendment right to keep your guns too." (Those felonies might make that a little more difficult for you on the last one, J.J.) J.J. is also known to associate with criminals like James O'Queef.

Hit-and-run drunk driving, drug possession, child endangerment, resisting arrest and threatening police officers -- and he's still walking around. Talk about White privilege.