Sunday, February 05, 2012

Grand Old Police Blotter: The New White Panther Party Edition

Silent as the grave is the wingnut bed-wetting contingent upon hearing news that Indiana's Secretary of State, Charlie White, was convicted of voter fraud.

John Fund can't be bothered. Hans von Spankovsky isn't spanking his hans off. Big Chuzzlewit has no scoop. The silence of J. Christian Adams says, "If it's all White, it's all right."

Here's the news, for those who only cruise wingnut sites:

A jury in Hamilton County, just north of Indianapolis, deliberated for 13 hours before convicting Republican Secretary of State Charlie White on six felony charges. Among other things, White was accused of lying about his address on voter registration forms.

Indiana law does not allow felons to hold statewide office, and Daniels quickly appointed White's chief deputy, Jerry Bonnet, as interim secretary of state. But the governor said he was holding off on naming a permanent replacement because a judge could reduce the charge to a misdemeanor, allowing White to regain the office.

The only mention of White's crimes I can find using National Review Online's shitty search engine is the following quote in a link to a 2011 John J. Miller article (which doesn't appear in the linked article): "NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE TO REMEDY THE 2008 VOTER FRAUD. (Except arrest Charlie White for using his ex-wife's address.)"

Vote fraud -- the ultimate IOKIYAR.

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