Friday, June 17, 2011

Some Kind of Bun

How can anyone boycott the Huffingglue Post when it generates original reporting of this caliber?

Joe Scarborough let loose on Newt Gingrich during Friday's "Morning Joe."

Scarborough was eating a bun of some kind when Mika Brzezinski played a clip of Gingrich saying in a speech that President Obama favored "the opposite of freedom." This was too much for him, and, with food still in his mouth, he went on a sarcastic rant about Gingrich.

"It's not the opposite of freedom," he said. "If you're scoring at home, kids, Barack Obama and his sort of mushy progressive but moderate, extending the Bush tax cuts and tripling the number of troops in Afghanistan, that is not left-wing Marxism or socialism. That is not the opposite of freedom. The opposite of freedom would be, oh, I don't know, Gaddafi."

Brzezinski let out a shriek of laughter.

Now, some may criticize the Huffingglue Post for failing to nail down exactly what kind of bun Scarborough was eating. But the point is the Post took the time and effort to watch a television program and then craft a dramatic narrative that accurately describes the television personality's thoughts and actions.

The website also calls Scarborough's comments an "epic rant," but I suspect that's just puffery to get Arianna a more favorable time slot than Tina Brown.

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