Thursday, May 20, 2010

In Which Kaus Begs to Get His Slate Job Back

With three weeks to go before the primary, Midget Mickey Kaus speaks to the issues California voters care about:

I'll pay for a week's worth of Andrew Sullivan's testosterone injections if he can find a single blog post where I "assumed [Gary] Condit's guilt." ... I've apologized for thinking Condit's guilt was more of a possibility than was justified. That's not assuming guilt. I always held open the alternative possibility that he wasn't guilty--as he wasn't, it turned out--because early on I'd talked to a very sensible and well-positioned source who scoffed at the idea that Condit did it. ...

Instead of debating Barbara Boxer, Kaus should be debating the corpses of Babs Olson and Dominick Dunne.

If elected, Kaus will sponsor Senate resolutions condemning Ron Burkle and all younger and more popular bloggers.

Update (9/21): The midget offers a Randpaulian clarification of his position on the issues:

From: Mickey Kaus (

Subject: re: The Sullivan Testosterone Challenge!

I wasn't mocking Sullivan for HIV! I'm teasing/mocking him for juicing himself up with what by his own account is a powerful drug that makes him unusually combative.

Next thing you know, Kaus will declare that if he had been HIV-positive in the 80s, he'd use testosterone too.

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