Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Republican Family Values: Bottom Of The Ninth Edition

The Republican Koz -- Reagan appointee cum Ninth Circuit Chief Judge Alex Kozinski -- tries to increase his hit count by posting some rather eclectic photos to his website. The pictures were taken at Kozinski's hospitality suite during a recent gathering of the Federalist Society.

One of the highest-ranking federal judges in the United States, who is currently presiding over an obscenity trial in Los Angeles, has maintained his own publicly accessible website featuring sexually explicit photos and videos.

Alex Kozinski, chief judge of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, acknowledged in an interview with The Times that he had posted the materials, which included a photo of naked women on all fours painted to look like cows and a video of a half-dressed man cavorting with a sexually aroused farm animal. Some of the material was inappropriate, he conceded, although he defended other sexually explicit content as "funny."


The sexually explicit material on Kozinski's site earlier this week was extensive, including images of masturbation, public sex and contortionist sex. There was a slide show striptease featuring a transsexual, and a folder that contained a series of photos of women's crotches as seen through snug fitting clothing or underwear. There were also themes of defecation and urination, though they are not presented in a sexual context.


The judge said he began saving the sexually explicit materials and other items of interest years ago.

"People send me stuff like this all the time," he said.

He keeps the things he finds interesting or funny with the thought that he might later pass them on to friends, he said.

The majority of the images were sent to Judge K. from

I don't care what Kozinski likes to look at, or finds interesting or funny, but his explanation -- that people just send these things to him -- seems pretty dubious to me. But at least he's taking a judicious approach to editing his blog:

Kozinski said he would delete some material from his site, including the photo depicting women as cows, which he said was "degrading . . . and just gross." He also said he planned to get rid of a graphic step-by-step pictorial in which a woman is seen shaving her pubic hair.

That one was, on reflection, not as funny as he first thought.

The idea of Patterico scouring the 'net for beastiality content -- "I think I may have found the video with the man and the aroused farm animal," he crows -- is, on the other hand, a laff riot! (No link)

More: When I said family values, I wasn't kidding. The family that posts non-sexual urination photos together stays together.

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