Saturday, March 31, 2007

Grand Old Police Blotter: Right-Hand Bag Man Edition

The Washington Post reveals how Republican sleazebag Bernie Kerik got the nod from Bush to head the Department of Homeland Security: Jeanine Pirro ordered Bush to hire him, in exchange for favors rendered.

In addition to charges involving false information and tax law, the U.S. attorney's office in New York City is also threatening to charge Kerik with conspiracy to commit illegal wiretapping in his dealings with the 2006 GOP candidate for New York attorney general, Jeanine F. Pirro, the sources said.

After Kerik left the Giuliani firm, Kerik arranged for two off-duty Giuliani firm employees to conduct surveillance on Pirro's husband. Pirro and Kerik also discussed bugging a boat where Pirro suspected her husband was having an extramarital affair. Kerik was heard on a wiretap telling Pirro that he did not want to do the bugging because it was illegal.

About a year earlier, Pirro, then the Westchester County district attorney, ordered the A&P supermarket chain to hire the Giuliani-Kerik security firm as part of a settlement agreement in a case involving underage alcohol sales. The security firm was ultimately paid $43,000, according to a knowledgeable source who spoke about the terms of the contract on the condition of anonymity.

I'm only surprised that Bush didn't tap Kerik to head the F.B.I., with those credentials.

But we now know that Guiliani isn't Bush's choice for his successor, since the U.S. attorneys in New York still have their jobs.

Meanwhile, TBogg has the funniest Kerik commentary ... ever.

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