Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Revisionist Hysteria

Special Ed Morrissey is a big, blubbering baby. The pretend seaman who called Patrick Henry a puss (scroll down) is in full tantrum mode today:

David Freddoso attempted to appear on Milt Rosenberg's WGN radio show last night, and just as when Stanley Kurtz tried to talk on the same show, the Barack Obama campaign organized a disruption of the show. The campaign sent out an e-mail to supporters in the area sliming Freddoso as an "extreme" hate monger, a "smear merchant", and attempted to silence him despite Rosenberg having an Obama surrogate on the show:

Yes, according to Blubbering Ed, Obama supporters tried to disrupt a radio call-in show and silence the show's guest by calling into the show. Because if enough people call into a radio show, the station's transmitters fail and the guest dies a painful death.

Blubbering Ed isn't even clear on whether Fredo appeared on the show; so disruptive were the telephone calls that the manful Fredo could only "attempt" to appear.

The only change Special Ed can believe in is when he soils himself.

(No link to Special Ed.)

The Expectations Game

What this country needs right now, more than anything, is a leader who can speak without reading from a teleprompter.

I think it's fair to say that this is Governor Palin's greatest accomplishment.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Coming next: McCain promises that a war with Iran will revitalize the economy.

Feel The Whoo Hoo!

Sept. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Washington Mutual Inc., the biggest U.S. savings and loan, had its credit rating cut to junk by Standard & Poor's because of the deteriorating housing market.

S&P reduced its rating on Seattle-based WaMu to BB- from BBB-, leaving it three levels below investment grade, the ratings firm said today in a statement.

"Increasing market turmoil and the related impact from managing its concentrated mortgage franchise in this troubled housing and credit cycle led to the downgrade," S&P wrote. S&P cut its rating on the subsidiary bank to BBB- from BBB.

Whoo Hoo(TM)! Who's got the shitty credit rating now?

Couldn't have happened to a bigger bunch of bastards.

The Bush Legacy

WASHINGTON -- In another unnerving day for Wall Street, investors suffered their worst losses since the terrorist attacks of 2001, and government officials raced to prevent the financial crisis from spreading. ...

"I know Americans are concerned about the adjustments that are taking place in our financial markets," Mr. Bush said at a ceremony to welcome the president of Ghana.

Bush has managed to do what the terrorists couldn't. Destroy the American economy.

Thank God that Bush's would-be successor has a firm grasp of the fundamentals:

The issue of economics is not something I've understood as well as I should," McCain said. "I've got Greenspan's book."
He explained.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Republican Family Values: Blame It On The One-Year-Old Edition

Just say no, kids:

Newsweek published a first-person account of her struggle, but it included some errors.

"It began with Vicodan [sic]. In 1989, I had ruptured a couple of disks carrying my 1-year-old, Bridget, in a pack on my back," she wrote.

But Bridget was not born until 1991.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


It's always tragic when young people try to emulate their favorite celebrity. And even more so when their activities are revealed by the same newspaper that broke the news about that celebrity.

But Howie Kurtz has already said those charges are totally "bogus". So who am I to believe?

It's interesting to see that the McCain camp got out ahead of the story, through their reliable mouthpiece at the Post. But surely Kurtz investigated the charges thoroughly before pronouncing them bogus. Right?

P.S. to HBO: The West Wing meets The Waltons meets Trailer Park Boys. Call me.

Pigs (Three Different Ones)

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

So Much For Reading Comprehension

"When he took the stage, a message that appeared on the large screen behind him read, 'Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.'" -- Brad Stone, New York Times, September 9, 2008

Mary Cheney, 24/7

It didn't enter the lexicon of political scumbaggery in 2004, but it should have. Like Swiftboating, Mary Cheneying is shorthand for a deliberately dishonest political tactic. To Mary Cheney, one feigns umbrage at an innocuous, legitimate and truthful comment order to falsely accuse one's opponent of a personal attack or invasion of privacy. Various hacks in the media (see Kurtz, Howie) repeat the Mary Cheney, as do various pinheads with their own blogs, thus turning the Cheney into a "legitimate" news story. Two of the biggest stories stinking up wingnut blogs and glorified blogs such as Politico.com at the moment involve the McCain campaign Mary Cheneying Senators Obama and Biden.

Such scumbaggery will increase exponentially as we draw nearer to the election.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Talk Stupe

At the same time the RNC is keeping Sharia Palin away from all media and sharp objects, Eggs Drudge and his groupies are professing outrage that Oprah Winfrey won't interview Sharia.

I'm sorry, but there's a logical progression to these things, and it must be followed. Sharia doesn't get to do Oprah until she and her family do Montel Williams and Maury Povich, plus a sit-down with Klee Irwin and an on-the-street interview of Todd by Bridgetta Tomarchio.


WASILLA, Alaska -- The biggest project that Sarah Palin undertook as mayor of this small town was an indoor sports complex, where locals played hockey, soccer, and basketball, especially during the long, dark Alaskan winters.

The only catch was that the city began building roads and installing utilities for the project before it had unchallenged title to the land. The misstep led to years of litigation and at least $1.3 million in extra costs for a small municipality with a small budget. What was to be Ms. Palin's legacy has turned into a financial mess that continues to plague Wasilla.

"It's too bad that the city of Wasilla didn't do their homework and secure the land before they began construction," said Kathy Wells, a longtime activist here. "She was not your ceremonial mayor; she was in charge of running the city. So it was her job to make sure things were done correctly."

To be fair, George Bush has cost the country more than $1.3 trillion in the costs of unnecessary war, engineered through lies and fraud. And Rictus Johnny probably cost the taxpayers more than that in crashed fighter jets. So Palin's just a small-time incompetent fuckup.

Warning: "crashed fighter jets" link leads to John Derbyshite quoting a racist shitstain. But even assholes can get get their facts right.

It looks like someone besides James Walcott is reading -- and heeding -- the statement of the obvious profound advice of your humble correspondence.

Hillary Rodham Clinton has no intention of becoming a Sarah Palin attack dog — but has no qualms about going after John McCain, people close to the former first lady say.

"She's not the answer when it comes to winning conservative women — she never was — and we're not going to be anybody's attack dog against Sarah Palin," said a Clinton insider. "To be fair to Obama's people, they haven’t asked us to do that."

Slamming Palin to win back women already hostile to Obama is pointless, the insider said, because Clinton's most loyal base is working-class voters, not women in particular. "Attacking Palin is checkers, attacking McCain on the economy is chess."

I would have said it's abusing the developmentally disabled, but fair enough.

By the way, Glenn Thrush of the AP, author of the article cited above, is a giant scumsack. He twice refers to Senator Clinton as a "former first lady," but doesn't mention she's a Senator once.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Bit of an earthquake here.

That's it?

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sharia Palin's Lying Circus

Mark Kleiman has the facts.

Drill, baby, drill!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A Convention of Honky Moms

The Xcel Center was whiter than Malibu Staci McCain's newest hood. Though I did see a few pre-cancerous tans in honor of the nominee. And Cowboy Troy got to recite half a sentence from Dr. King during the "entertainment" portion of the evening.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Country First -- And We Know What That's Worth

Who says John McCain's doesn't have a comprehensive health care plan?

The entrance requirements are a bit revolting, but at least it's a plan.

Holy Shit

Holy Joe Lieberman's speech to his fellow Republicans tonight was so sucktacular that it probably lost McCain votes. Dems watching were reminded what a smarmy, self-interested craphound Joe is, and Republicans were reminded of all the reasons they hate McCain (campaign finance, immigration and being pals with Holy Joe). Non-partisans just wondered why such a lousy speaker was given a prominent speaking slot.

It was Joe's last pathetic hurrah; the last time anyone cares what he says or does. And I sincerely hope that President Obama isn't the nice guy he seems to be.

Added: As they say in Colonial Iraq, "embrace the suck."

Confidential to Jay Nerdlinger

Doctor Doolittle was not a real person, therefore he could not die.

He also couldn't talk to the animals.

Monday, September 01, 2008

When Did Palin Lawyer Up, And When Did McCain Know It?

This article says that Sharia Palin confirmed her retention of a shyster on Monday, September 1, and that the mouthpiece wrote a letter to the Alaska Legislature's counsel dated Friday, August 29.

This article says that the vetting process ended on Thursday, August 28, and quotes McCain's head vetter as saying he "'spent a lot of time with [Palin's] lawyer'" on Troopergate before McCain made his pick. I'd say that, at a minimum, Palin had her mouthpiece in place one week before McCain offered her the opportunity to waste two months of her life.

What I'm really wondering: What did the McCain campaign dig up on Mittens, Holy Joe and Tim Pawlenty that made McCain think Palin was the safe pick?

P.S. to the Alaska Legislature: Those chit-chats between Palin's lawyer and the McCain campaign staff aren't privileged, nor are those 40+ page single-spaced reports. Subpoena accordingly.


I couldn't care less that Sharia Plan's kid and the kid's boyfriend were doin' the Bristol Schtupp -- although I do hope that if she gets married, the guy's last name is Meyers-Squibb.

Here's what I do care about:

ST. PAUL (Reuters) -- The 17-year-old unmarried daughter of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is pregnant, Palin said on Monday in an announcement intended to knock down rumors by liberal bloggers that Palin faked her own pregnancy to cover up for her child.

Bristol Palin, one of Alaska Gov. Palin's five children with her husband Todd, is about five months pregnant and is going to keep the child and marry the father, the Palins said in a statement released by the campaign of Republican presidential candidate John McCain.

Bristol Palin made the decision on her own to keep the baby, McCain aides said.

A decision which Palin/Tired '08 would take away from every other woman in this country with great pride. Why is why they shouldn't be allowed within 20 miles of the White House.

Sure, the pregnancy proves that abstinence-only education, which Palin supports, is a fraud (and often hurts kids). But everyone who is honest already knows that. It's not Sharia's fault that her daughter chose to enjoy something that human beings enjoy. The daughter's pregnancy doesn't make her a bad parent; her political views make her a bad politician.

On the other hand, Todd Flanders-Palin's DUI is definitely worthy of emphasis, since Todd and Sharia tried to use the Governor's office to get someone fired for an alleged DUI that happened years earlier.

Of course, the scumbags running McCain's campaign and their media allies are already planning their "Mary Cheney" moment on this story. Which is why Senator Obama has wisely declared this story off-limits for his campaign.

Update: Time Magazine tries to make the pregnancy an issue with some Steno Sue work on behalf of McCain: "Sarah Palin is a longterm member of a group called Feminists for Life, which is not opposed to birth control. So you probably can't tag her for consigning young people to unwanted pregnancies." (That opinion is from the mouth of the Time reporter, and not the best friends of trolls, Jill Hazelbaker.) Well, Sharia's opposed to birth control education, so at a minimum she's in favor of unwanted pregnancies. If she's also opposed to lawful access to birth control for minors, then she has consigned young women to unwanted pregnancies.

Palin's views should be a issue, although the daughter and her boyfriend should be left out of it.

Even though McCain would stoop to such tactics in an irregular heartbeat. Straight Talk's the one who thought it was funny to insult 19 year old Chelsea Clinton at a Republican fundraiser.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Mohammedan Candidate

I'm surprised the dhimmwit wingnuts haven't yet figured out that Sarah Palin is an anagram for:

Sharia Plan

And that thing on McCain's face looks like a crescent.

This Election Is About Judgment

[August 28] BAGHDAD — U.S. forces have arrested a deputy of Ahmad Chalabi, who was once the Bush administration's favorite Iraqi politician, and implicated him in bombings that killed Americans and Iraqis, Chalabi and Iraqi government officials said Thursday.

The U.S. military alleged that the arrested official was working with the "highest echelons" of the Iranian "special groups" criminals, referring to what the U.S. military says are Iranian-backed militias operating in Iraq.

Ali Faisal al Lami, a Shiite Muslim official and a member of the Sadrist Party who's serving as an executive of the Justice and Accountability Committee, which Chalabi heads, was arrested Wednesday at Baghdad International Airport as he returned from a family vacation in Lebanon, Iraqi officials said. The Justice and Accountability Committee screens former members of Saddam Hussein's Baath Party who are applying for jobs in the government.

The American military doesn't release the names of those it detains. Maj. John C. Hall, a U.S. spokesman in Baghdad said the arrested man was implicated in "multiple criminal acts including bombings and attacks against Iraqi targets" including the bombing June 24 of the Sadr City District Advisory Council meeting, which killed six Iraqis, two American soldiers and two U.S. civilians.


Chalabi condemned the arrest Thursday night. "This incident shows the need for an end to the random arrest of Iraqis by the American forces, which are against the human rights outlined in the constitution. It proves for a fact that each Iraqi might be arrested or put in prison without knowing the reasons," he said in a news release. He couldn't be reached for further comment.

From Think Progress:

A new book by Aram Roston reveals that Chalabi supported John McCain (R-AZ) for president in 2000, believing that the senator would be the most receptive to his agenda. Muckraked reports:

One of his key backers has been John McCain, who was one of the first patrons of Chalabi's grand-sounding International Committee for a Free Iraq when it was founded in 1991. McCain was Chalabi's favored candidate in the 2000 election since Chalabi knew that he would be able to free up the $97 million in military aid plus millions pushed through in Congress and earmarked for Chalabi’s exile group, the Iraqi National Congress, but held up by the Clinton State Department.

Indeed, McCain was a Chalabi backer long before President Bush took power. In 1997, he tried to pressure the Clinton administration into setting up an Iraqi government in exile. Despite opposition from the Pentagon and the State Department, the next fall, McCain co-sponsored the Iraq Liberation Act, committing the United States to overthrowing Saddam and funding opposition groups. According to a 2006 article by John Judis:

McCain welcomed Ahmed Chalabi, leader of the Iraqi National Congress (INC), to Washington and pressured the administration to give him money. When General Anthony Zinni cast doubt upon the effectiveness of the Iraqi opposition, McCain rebuked him at a hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee.


Also that year [2003], McCain said of Chalabi, "He's a patriot who has the best interests of his country at heart."

And McCain's an expert on patriotism.

Why They Pay Me The Big Money

As long as we're playing political consultants, let me propose that Eric Kleefeld has it all wrong.

Hillary Clinton shouldn't waste two seconds on Palin. Obama shouldn't waste one second on Palin. Joe Biden should talk exclusively about the top of the tickets, his and McCain's. The idea that Palin will draw Hillary supporters to McCain -- beyond a handful of loons -- is absurd. If Palin doesn't self-destruct and take McCain with her, she's irrelevant, a non-issue.

If you're going to do a commercial with Senator Clinton, do one where she talks about Obama and their shared priorities. Having Clinton address Palin is unworthy of her, and a waste of her talents.

Let The Games Begin!

McCain has just shot down his own campaign. The subtext of the entire Republican Convention will be Johnny's incredibly poor judgment. Republican pols who have political careers to protect will avoid mentions of Harriet Miers Jnr. like the plague, fearing their praise of the number two will be replayed by their opponents in the next election -- or this one. The RNC can only pray that Hurricane Gustav increases dramatically in size and speed and heads up the Misissippi to lay waste to the Twin Cities.

Vetts For McCain

Who thought it was a good idea to have Bernie Kerik head up the vetting process for John McCain?

The Washington Post reports:

Gov. Palin's husband, Todd Palin, met with [Director of Public Safety] Monegan in January 2007, a month after his wife took office, to say that the trooper was unfit for the force. Monegan also said the governor sent him e-mails, but Monegan declined to disclose them, saying he planned to give them to the independent prosecutor.

Palin initially denied that she or anyone in her administration had ever pressured Monegan to fire Wooten. She said she had raised the matter with Monegan just once, relaying the allegation that Wooten made a death threat against her father.

But this summer, Palin acknowledged that a half-dozen members of her administration had made more than two dozen calls on the matter to various state officials.


In a TV interview in July, Todd Palin confirmed that he had talked with Monegan but said he was just "informing," not pressuring.

At a news conference Aug. 13, the governor said, "I do now have to tell Alaskans that such pressure could have been perceived to exist, although I have only now become aware of it."

The New York Times reports that others view the family Palin as slightly deranged:

A judge in the couple's custody case questioned the family's motives for filing the complaints. "It appears for the world that Ms. McCann and her family have decided to take off for the guy's livelihood," the judge said, according to a recording of a hearing.


Excerpts of the audio recording released by the governor showed Frank Bailey, the state's director of boards and commissions, pushing Lt. Rodney Dial in February about Mr. Wooten.

"Todd and Sarah are scratching their heads, 'Why on earth hasn't this, why is this guy still representing the department?'" Mr. Bailey said to the lieutenant.

"Todd and Sarah" is a nice touch, in a Biblically correct sort of way. And Toddy's not just a fisherman -- he's a reformer with results.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Answering A Question With A Question

Killing time between conjugal visits with Lord Black of Coleman Gaol, David Frum inquires:

If it were your decision, and you were putting your country first, would you put an untested small-town mayor a heartbeat away from the presidency?

If it was your decision, and you were putting your country first, would you write dishonest, warmongering speeches for an alcoholic dullard a heartbeat away from Dick Cheney?

But then, America isn't Frumpy's country.

Bonus Black Comedy: Squeal Amiel.

Billy Dale, Meet Walter Monegan

Something is rotten in the State of Alaska.

[Walter] Monegan, 57, a respected former chief of the Anchorage Police Department, said in an interview with The Washington Post's James V. Grimaldi on Friday that the governor repeatedly brought up the topic of her ex-brother-in-law, Michael Wooten, after Monegan became the state's commissioner of public safety in December 2006. Palin's husband, Todd, met with Monegan and presented a dossier of information about Wooten, who was going through a bitter custody battle with Palin's sister, Molly. Monegan also said Sarah Palin sent him e-mails on the subject, but Monegan declined to disclose them, saying he planned to give them to a legislative investigator looking into the matter.

Palin initially denied that she or anyone in her administration had ever pressured Monegan to fire the trooper, but this summer acknowledged more than a half a dozen contacts over the matter, including one phone call from a Palin administration official to a state police lieutenant.

Monegan didn't fire Wooten; Palin gave Monegan the chop.

The Anchorage Daily News also says:

Todd Palin called a meeting with Monegan to specifically talk about Wooten shortly after his wife took office in December 2006, Todd Palin said on Friday.

Monegan says Todd Palin talked to him several times after that about Wooten. Todd Palin said, though, he couldn't recall if he had any conversations with the commissioner about his ex-brother-in-law outside of that initial meeting.

"But I know I've never told him to fire trooper Wooten," Todd Palin said.

The meeting occurred in the governor's office, but the governor was not there, Monegan said

And why in the hell is Todd Flanders even talking to the Commissioner of Public Safety? Does just any schmuck in Alaska stroll into the governor's office and "call a meeting" with the Commissioner of Public Safety? 'Cause he's got a hard-on for his brother-in-law? Is the Commissioner the personal flunky of the Governor's spouse?

Even on Countdown they were calling this a non-starter -- with only a tenuous grasp of the facts -- because the trooper was allegedly an abusive asshole. No dice. If someone is accused of a crime, the Governor doesn't order someone to fucking fire that person. The alleged victim makes a report to law enforcement and law enforcement does its job. Due process. Rule of law. Trial. Right of confrontation. Presumption of innocence. I could go on.

Of course, if the allegations against Trooper Wooten are true, the John McCain Administration would likely hire him and put him in charge at Gitmo.

More: Here's my uniformed speculation of how this unfolds -- Palin steps down as Governor, ostensibly to devote herself to the McCain campaign full-time, but actually to avoid the embarassment of the investigation, testifying under oath, etc. Once out of office, she and her allies claim there's no need for an investigation, and pretend that she was the victim of a partisan witch-hunt.

Palin Was For The Bridge To Nowhere Before She Was Against It, But Only In The Sense That She Was Never Against It

Bradford Plumer has the details.

Ramesh Pornmumu's not happy:

Palin has been governor for about two minutes. Thanks to McCain's decision, Palin could be commander-in-chief next year. That may strike people as a reckless choice; it strikes me that way. And McCain's age raised the stakes on this issue.

McCain doesn't care; he won't have to live with the conseqeunces.

Can anyone say with a straight face that Palin would have gotten picked if she were a man?

Yeah, but the same thing could be said about Clarence Thomas.

The other Special Needs bloggers seem satified with her campaign pledge that, if elected, she will not have an abortion.

Troopergate II: Electric Boogaloo

Well, at least McCain's got Ted Stevens' vote, assuming he still has one in November.

Palin/Tired O8'

Shorter Rictus Johnny: Yes, I do think the American people are stupid. Incredibly stupid.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

You Bitter You Bet

Pearls of wisdom from the Special Needs Blog:

Normal Americans ... Are telling me it was a "mean" speech.

LAME. This is a very weak candidate.

A Lot of People ... Are emailing me to say that they have made their first McCain donation tonight.

Instead of "I Have a Dream" ... I have a grievance.

When I lay my head to the pillow tonight, I will dream that John Kasich takes the stage with McCain tomorrow in Dayton. If that happens, you can close the books on the presidential race and start looking at whether the coattails will bring us one of the two houses.

(All quotes guaranteed accurate!)

We Have A Winner

And it's not John McCain.

I'm talking about the winner of the widely popular Roger Ailes Veepapalooza Veepstakes contest. Rumors have Johnny Rictus selecting Tim Polenta as his bland, mushy heartbeat away, although the candidate's official announcement will be made on 5-and-1/4 inch floppies sent out to supporters bulk mail rate.

Unless Johnny R. picks Joe Lieberman as his number two, the contest winner will be Mike Nilsen, who was the first to call Senator Joe Biden as Senator Obama's running mate. Once McCain's pick is confirmed, Mike can e-mail me to collect his prize (unless Lieberman's the one, in which case "John" is the winner).

Congratulations, Mike!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Fates Conspire Against Me

I haven't caught much of the convention. On Tuesday, I had to work late. Tonight, the power goes out. While I'm in the shower. In a windowless bathroom. Took a towel rack down with me as I groped my way out. At least I didn't impale myself or crack my skull open. Or break a hip, like Bob Novak.

Tomorrow can only bring electrocution.

The only thing that might redeem this week is John McCain's vice president pick. If it's Muff or Holy Joe Lieberman, this could be the best week ever.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The McCain campaign keeps emphasizing that McCain was a prisoner in Vietnam, as proof of his qualification for the Presidency.

Well, so was Gary Glitter, and I'm not voting for him either.

Friday, August 22, 2008


A better ticket than McCain/Anyone.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Bumped from 8/19/08. Time's running out. And there's an actual prize -- really! Not to mention the pride of out-prognosticating all of Matt Yglesias' commenters.

As the internet has backed up and is overflowing with half-assed theories about the Vice Presidential selections of the two presumptive nominees, we might as well have a go here.

The commenter here who correctly guesses the Obama and McCain V.P. selections will win a valuable prize. The prize hasn't been determined yet, but it definitely will be worth the effort of typing two names into the comments box. The contest will close when the first candidate officially announces his veep. In the case of a tie, the first commenter correctly identifying both buckets of warm spit will win. If no one names both veeps, the first to name the Democratic veep selection wins. If McCain wins, we all lose. Anyone who names Ralph Nader and/or Bob Barr's veeps will be disqualified and ridiculed. Only one entry per fake screenname. Open only to residents of countries where it won't cost me a lot to mail the prize. The candidates and their staffs are welcome to enter. No purchase necessary. For a free game piece, contact the Contest Administrator at eatme@ idontgiveashit.com.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Here's a Olympic story that will cause midget Mickey Kaus to soil his synthetic sweatsuit:

BEIJING --The American flag landed on the scorer’s table, launched by a family member with exceptional aim. Henry Cejudo grabbed it from his coach and draped it around his body. He stood there for the longest time, fighting back tears, the son of illegal immigrants wrapped in the Stars and Stripes.

After Cejudo had defeated Tomohiro Matsunaga of Japan to win the 121-pound freestyle wrestling final on Tuesday, and after his family members had celebrated so loudly for so long that security threatened to kick them out, officials hung a gold medal around his neck. He said he might never remove it.

"I might just sleep with this," Cejudo said. "It changed my life already."

Fitting, because his is a story about change -- for himself, for his family and maybe now for the USA Wrestling program, which trained the 21-year-old Cejudo to become the youngest gold medalist in United States wrestling history.

The gold medal, and his path to it, changed so many lives along the way.

Like his mother's life. Nelly Rico, who came to the United States from Mexico as an illegal immigrant, raised seven children by herself and left Los Angeles with them in the middle of the night to escape the career criminal who was the father Cejudo never really knew.

His right eye bruised and darkened, Cejudo talked of all the hours his mother had worked over the years, as a janitor and a construction worker, anything to put food on the table or to heat the house. He talked about all the times they moved, from Los Angeles to New Mexico to Phoenix to Colorado Springs, each time in search of a better life.

"I wish I could just give her the medal right now," Cejudo said.

Motherhood, hard honest work and the American flag -- everything that Kaus and VDare crowd hate. If only there was some way we could deport shiftless and non-contributing citizens -- like Kaus -- to Mexico in exchange for productive members of society. But I doubt Mexico would go for it.

Congratulations Henry!

In Memoriam: Stephanie Tubbs Jones

A courageous American has died:

EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio (AP) -- Democratic U.S. Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, the first black woman to represent Ohio in Congress and a strong critic of the Iraq war, died Wednesday after a brain hemorrhage, a hospital spokeswoman said.


Tubbs Jones represented the heavily Democratic 11th District and chaired the ethics committee in the House. She was the first black woman to serve on the powerful Ways and Means Committee, where she opposed President Bush's tax cuts and his efforts to create personal accounts within Social Security.

Tubbs Jones was a firm supporter of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton during the primaries until throwing her support behind Sen. Barack Obama in June. She was to have been a superdelegate at next week's Democratic National Convention in Denver.

The Clinton family released a statement saying they shared a friendship with Tubbs Jones that "deepened through every trial and challenge."

"Over the course of many years, with many ups and many downs, Stephanie was right by our side -- unwavering, indefatigable," the statement said. "It was that fighting spirit ... that allowed Stephanie to rise from modest beginnings, to succeed in public service, to become a one-woman force for progress in our country."

Obama called Tubbs Jones "an extraordinary American and an outstanding public servant."

"It wasn't enough for her just to break barriers in her own life. She was also determined to bring opportunity to all those who had been overlooked and left behind -- and in Stephanie, they had a fearless friend and unyielding advocate," Obama said in a statement.


Tubbs Jones was a passionate opponent of the Iraq war, voting in 2002 against authorizing the use of military force.

Just as the war was starting in March 2003, she was one of only 11 House members to oppose a resolution supporting U.S. troops in Iraq. She said she did so because the resolution connected Iraq to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and said Iraq poses a continued threat to the United States.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Breaking News

Beginning September 1, 2008, Roger Ailes, the blog, is moving to MySpace. I think you'll like what you see.

Details here and here.

Now If They Just Get Rid of The Prison Gangs and The Chris Hansen Pedophile Fun Time Hour

Seems like the entire left blogosphere is celebrating the news of Rachel Maddow's show on MSNBC. With one exception.

Meanwhile, Howie the Putz really wants you to know that Rachel is gay, and that she "may also be" the first open lesbian in prime time television news. I'm sure Don Imus is rolling over in his grave right now.

Apology: This post fails to make the distinction between Talk Left and its commenters. By linking to the comment section at Talk Left, and bypassing the post, I meant to highlight the non-celebratory comments of (many of) the commenters without implicating the blog's proprietor, Jeralyn Merritt, in those sentiments. Instead, with the inappropriate phrase "one exception," it reads as if I am slamming Talk Left and Ms. Merritt herself. My intention was as pure as the macadam on the Highway to Hell, but my words did not convey my intention. My sincere apologies to Ms. Merritt.

All Veepstakes, All The Time

The children in The Corner are soiling themselves over the impending choice of the man who will be President when a President McCain strokes out.

Sister Mary Kathyrn Unibrow writes:

Pro-Choice, Wrong Choice

David Limbaugh issues a warning.

Don't stand downwind of me would be a more helpful warning from Fredo.*

Responding to Rich Lowry's post on Tom Ridge as VeePee, the Runaway Bride of Christ also writes:

I've heard the same late today and I can't help but think

a) They couldn't possibly think that's a good idea. After all it's not "just" abortion. He's a liberal Democrat!

b) They are freaking us out so we give thanks when the time comes and it's a solid choice.

Besides writing, I'm praying.

No, you're hallucinating, just like you are here:

Obama's Veep

I'm increasingly nervous it will be Senator Casey. Some would interpret that as a new Democratic party. Pro-lifers shouldn't be such cheap dates.

For Ms. Lopez, life is a Hidden Picture puzzle, and all the hidden objects are fetuses.

Basic-cable filler queen Cokie Kudlow also rubs his gums in anticipation of a long-shot:

It is being widely reported that John McCain will announce his Veep pick on August 29, the day after the Dem Convention in Dayton, Ohio. My immediate thought is Rob Portman.

I was thinking Bob Ney, but I tend to be more reality-based than Cokie.

Finally, Jonah Goldberg is thinking about sex and not the number two slot (or maybe it's both), when he writes:

Newt "The Spatula" Gingrich

*"Fredo" appears courtesy of TBogg.

Monday, August 18, 2008

McCain Family Values

That Cindy McCain is one class act:

The Portalski family is accustomed to hearing Cindy McCain described as [Jim] Hensley's only child.

She's been described that way by news organizations from The New Yorker and The New York Times to Newsweek and ABC.

McCain herself routinely uses the phrase "only child," as she did on CNN last month. "I grew up with my dad," she said then. "I'm an only child. My father was a cowboy, and he really loved me very much, but I think he wanted a son occasionally.


Documents show Kathleen Anne Hensley was born to Jim and Mary Jeanne Hensley on Feb. 23, 1943. They had been married for six years when Kathleen was born.


"The fact that we don't exist," [Kathleen's son, Nicholas] says. "The fact that we've never been recognized, and then Cindy has to put such a fine point on it by saying something that's not true. Recently, again and again. It's just very, very hurtful."

Kathleen Portalski says she'd like an acknowledgment and an apology.

There's nothing like Republican family values. Your sister can't do anything for you; she's dead to you. The most charitable spin is that Cindy Lou Hoover just forgot about her sister due to all the blow she ingested in the 80s and 90s.

Like Rictus Johnny, Jim Hensley had a child, went to war and then dumped the mother of his child for a woman he hooked up with during his marriage. Unlike Rictus Johnny, Hensley's second wife apparently didn't finance her husband's political career and luxury-loafer lifestyle. Perhaps Meghan McCain will emulate her forbears and poach some creepy old married dude who returns to the States after tours of duty in Iraq, Iran and Georgia.

Do I Offend?

Slacker that I am, not only have I not been credentialed to cover the DonkeyCon in Denver, I haven't offended that fat fuck Bill Donohue enough:

Over 120 blogs have been credentialed as members of the media for the Democratic National Convention; those who have received credentials are allowed to cover the Convention at the Pepsi Center. While most of them offer legitimate commentary, some do not.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue is protesting two of the blogs:

“The list of credentialed blogs include radical sites like The Daily Kos. Worse are blogs that feature anti-Catholic and obscene material. The two most offensive are Bitch Ph.D. and Towleroad.
Wait a second. My commentary is as illegitimate as Bill Donahue's 10 bastard children. Surely Bill should call for a boycott of my site as well.

Let's see when offends Friar Fuck:

"On the home page of Bitch Ph.D. there is a picture of two children: one of them is shown flashing his middle finger. Today's lead post, which was written August 17, is called "Jesus Christ." It begins with, "I'm a really crappy Catholic who hasn't been to mass in ages because most parishes around here 'will' insist on being aggressively anti-abortion….' The writer then objects to some children's toys on the grounds that they are more offensive than desecrating the Eucharist. The toys are actually balloons that have been made to depict Jesus in various poses, including a crucified Christ; one of these images shows Jesus with a penis. Several who commented on this image made patently obscene comments.

That's pretty bad. Everyone knows Jesus didn't have a penis.

I guess Bill really is Christ-like.

"Towleroad describes itself as 'A Site with Homosexual Tendencies.' Accordingly, it shows men in jock straps and underwear. It also has a post on Pope Benedict XVI that takes him to task for wearing a cape with ermine. Some of those who commented on this described the pope in a vile and profane way.

If the DNC bars Towleroad, they must also ban every publication and televison network which shows men in their underwear. Including the Sears catalog.

I demand that Bill Donahue immediately renounce and denounce me, that he spew me out of his mouth, and that he cancel that subscription to Manhole I bought him four years ago.

p.s. to Bill: You're seeing a penises and jockstraps where none exist. The "penis" is a balloon loincloth, and swim trunks are not underwear or a jockstrap. You clearly need more time in Pastor Ted's Reparative Group Therapy Encounter Workshops.